Risks of Stop and Frisk

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Generally, in order for a police officer to detain someone, the officer must have likely cause to make the arrest or have a warrant for the person’s arrest. Prior to police can browse a person, there must be a warrant to this result. There are exceptions to these general guidelines, however. For example, authorities can take evidence of a criminal activity if it remains in plain sight. A stop and frisk is likewise an exception to the basic guidelines.


Stop and Frisk Guidelines

Stop and frisk allows a police officer to momentarily stop an individual and frisk him or her for weapons. This can occur if the law enforcement officer has sensible suspicion that the suspect has committed a crime and the police officer thinks that the suspect may be armed and unsafe. A law enforcement officer may develop sensible suspicion based on the suspect’s disposition, actions and emotion. In addition, the police officer may consider the environments, such as the time of day, the geographic area and whether the suspect’s existence in the area is out of the regular.


One of the most significant issues connected with the stop and frisk procedure is frisking. As soon as a police officer stops a suspect, he or she might also frisk that individual if the police officer believes that the suspect is equipped and dangerous or remains in concerned about his or her safety or that of others around him or her.

A frisk involves patting down the suspect to feel for particular things. A police officer might discover a weapon throughout this brief frisk. He or she may also feel drugs based on this pat down. If it is readily evident that the item felt during the frisk is some kind of drug, the police officer can take the evidence which can later be used versus the suspect.


Another problem with stop and frisk is that some law enforcement agencies promote officers or otherwise provide incentives based upon the effective searches and stop and frisks that help reveal weapons or drugs. This structure puts a reward on making false declarations relating to sensible suspicion in order to discover more items during this kind of search.


Prejudiced Practices

Some opponents find that stop and frisks are carried out a lot more typically in certain areas and including more people of minority backgrounds than more wealthy people or Caucasian individuals. In this way, the tool can be used as an inequitable method to make random stops on minority people.

Unjustified Stops

When stop and frisks are rampant, some individuals may be stopped who are not wrongdoers and who had no objective of committing a criminal offense.

Neighborhood Worry

While criminals may hesitate that they might be stopped at any time by law enforcement, innocent people may likewise be afraid of these possibilities. Stop and frisk was originally a strategy that was intended to protect police officers who put their lives in danger merely by wearing a uniform. However, some community members believe that this method has the potential to trigger peaceful, obedient citizens to be afraid of the very people who are employed to safeguard them. Due to the possible abuse of the stop and frisk technique, this process is now thought about among the most questionable cop’s procedures in existence. This state has actually triggered some locations to completely end the practice.