Data Relating to Domestic Violence

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Residential violence is a major issue in the United States. Stats reveal that women are preyed on at a much greater rate than men are on the cases related to medicaid fraud michigan . According to nationwide studies by numerous companies, 84 percent of domestic violence victims are women.

In addition, one in 3 women and one in 4 males report being the victim of some kind of physical violence by a romantic partner eventually in their lifetime with one in five women and one in 7 males reporting the abuse as being serious physical violence.

Male report much of the very same issues related to domestic violence as numerous women do, consisting of circumstances of stalking. Roughly, 5.1 million men report being stalked eventually throughout their life time. Additionally, one in 71 men report being raped by someone they understand and 29 percent of these guys said that the rape was committed by an intimate partner.


When males do report circumstances of residential violence, law enforcement officers may not take the allegations seriously. In addition, there are far less resources offered to assist male victims of residential violence than there are to help female victims of residential violence. Some males might be afraid that if they report domestic violence they might even be implicated of inflicting the abuse.Securities for Male Victims of Domestic Violence.

The laws regarding domestic violence use directly to males. The Violence Against Women Act uses similarly to men as it does to women. Due to the rampant problem of residential violence and the thousands that suffer from it, it is very important that men receive advocacy on their behalf.

Rather than concentrating on efforts specifically targeted to violence versus women, a factor to consider is to shift the focus to intimate partner violence no matter the sex of the victim.